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Split Shirt

Split Shirt

Color: White

Composition*: 100% Cotton or Cotton Blend

Origin*: European and American origin, various eras

Style note: Casual Oversize Fit, with unique irregular hemline . Each piece has a unique combination of two classic white shirts, thus similar within the serie going, through meticulous selection process.

*we can not guarantee the exactitude of information due to the complex sourcing process, and untraceability of the original piece. Additional information of origin and composition can be found in the piece directly.


Repurposed in: Poland

Made from: selected post-consumer vintage pieces sourced in France

Care instructions:


This product is ‘Unica Semper’ having its unique identity, aspect, design and comes with a unique Recoded™ serial number guaranteeing its authenticity and allowing an enhanced transparency.

Consuming Recoded™ products and replacing the new material based products by Recoded™ is a concrete act making fashion more responsible towards our environment, with a double positive carbon impact.

For more information of our process and engagements see our brand manifesto and contact with our customer service.


Engineered by AALTO

Courtesy of The New Wave Company


sn. AARES23-F10

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